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Home Loan Interest Rates

Customer Type Home Loan Interest Rate*
Salaried - Home Loan 11.75% to 16.50%
Self-Employed - Home Loan 12.75% to 17.00%
Loan against Property 15.00% to 17.00%

* Final offered rate will depend on the income level and property being offered as security (for Loan Against Property)

Tariff Schedule effective from 1st October 2019

Fees/Charges Type Amount
Login Fee(It's non-refundable.) ₹ 3500 + Applicable GST
Documentation Charges From ₹ 2000 to ₹ 5000 + Applicable GST(charge varies on Loan Sanction Amount slab)
Legal, Valuation and Technical Charges From ₹ 3000 to ₹ 5800 + Applicable GST(charge varies for each Loan Sanction Amount slab)
CERSAI Creation Charges ₹ 100 + Applicable GST
Administrative Charges (Inclusive of Documentation, Legal Valuation, Technical & CERSAI Charges) Home Loan/Top up: ₹ 5100 or 1.5% + Applicable GST on Sanction Amount, whichever is higherLAP/NIP/Project Loan: ₹ 5100 or 2% + Applicable GST on Sanction Amount, whichever is higher
Subsequent Technical Verification (Only In Construction Cases) ₹ 500 + Applicable GST
Cheque/Ecs/Direct Debit/ACH Bounce (Per Instrument/Transaction) ₹ 500 + Applicable GST
Additional Interest on Default Instalment – (EMI/PRE-EMI) 2% of Due Amount
Recovery (Legal/Possession & Incidental Charges) As per the actual + Applicable GST
Cheque/Ecs/Direct Debit/Ach Swapping (Per Set) ₹ 500 + Applicable GST
Duplicate No Dues Certificate ₹ 500 + Applicable GST
Copy Of Property Papers ₹ 500 + Applicable GST
Prepayment/Part Payment For Home Loan/LAP at variable rate: NILFor Home Loan/LAP at fixed rate: 2% of the loan outstanding + Applicable GST(for amount prepaid through refinance from any Bank/HFC/NBFC or Financial Institution and not through own source and shall be applicable to all partial or full prepayments.)For Project Loan: 2% of the Loan Outstanding + Applicable GST
Document Handling ₹ 2000 + Applicable GST
Any Type of Statement ₹ 500 + Applicable GST
Switch Fees Fixed to Variable: 1% + Applicable GST on OutstandingVariable to Fixed: 1.5% + Applicable GST on Outstanding
Conversion Fees - Switch to Lower Rate under Variable Home Loan Product Category as per Changes 0.50% of the Principal Outstanding and Undisbursed Amount (if any) at the time of conversion
Insurance Charges As per Actuals

  • All charges/fees to be paid through AHFL Branches/ AHFL Representatives by A/c payee crossed cheque in favour of "Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd."
  • The loan application will be disposed -off within a period of 4 weeks from the date of receipt of duly completed loan application i.e with all requisite information /Papers
  • Cash payments to be made ONLY against valid receipt issued by AHFL officials.
  • AHFL does NOT charge any amount over and above the charges mentioned above and will NOT be liable or responsible for making payment of any amount to unauthorized persons.
  • Applicable GST or Govt. taxes will be charged extra along with above mentioned charges as applicable.